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About us

We are leading wholesaler on the HVAC market for decade! Our priority is YOUR satisfaction and gladness.

HTS POLSKA was established as a response needs of HVAC clients in 2004. Since then, we earned recognition and appreciation, based on professional and fast service. We cooperate and distribute products from trusted partners such as: DEC International, Armacell, Aspen, Belimo, Bio-Earth, Bosch, Climaver, Darco, Daikin, Den Braven, Fischer, Flakt Bovent, Frapol, Gree, Gripple, Haier, Halton, Harmann, Helios, Hisense, Interchemall, Irmark, K-Flex, Koelner, Konwektor, Lennox, Lindab, LG, Loximide, Makita, Marcopol, Mercor, Metalplast, Mitsubishi Electric, Neo Tools, Nibco, Paroc, Östberg, RDJ-Klima, Rockwool, Rollfix, Rosenberg, Salda, Smay, Sonniger, Soudal, Supertape, Swegon, Systemair, Topex, Trox, Uniwersal, VBW, Vents, Venture Industries, VTS, Walraven, Würth

Our advantages

wide offer

Our offer is complex, so we provide HVAC equipment, elements, devices, tools and even protective clothing


Well supplied stock allows us to deliver you majority of our products “off-the-shelf”.

fast realization

Thanks to close cooperation with suppliers, we are able to execute even custom orders in 24 hours.

our team

Our team is built by experienced people. We do our best to meet your expectations.

family firm

HTS is family-run business, and we endorse it with the name. We ensure a high level of service and fairness.


We execute orders for whole Europe. We are able to send the product immediately, if we have particular one on stock.